This is a short writing/speaking activity for CAE students to practise some expressions I have found in Part 4 of the Reading and Use of English CAE exam and that my students struggled with. The students complete the sentences individually in random order, read and match their classmate’s answers and further discuss the responses that caught their attention. Make sure the students complete the sentences TRUTHFULLY which makes the activity more personal. Ask them to think of examples that produce an emotional response which will hopefully help with memorising the words.

Level: C1

Time: 45 minutes


  1. To complete sentences with students’ own ideas.
  2. To match their classmates’ sentence halves.
  3. To discuss the responses that caught students’ attention using the underlined expressions.


  1. A match made in heaven Worksheet, one per student.


  1. Give each student ‘A match made in heaven’ Worksheet and ask them to complete the sentences in random order, e.g. write the answer to question 2 next to letter d etc. I am often in the mood for a glass of champagne and a slice of carrot cake.
  2. Put students in pairs, or groups of 3, and ask them to swap papers. The students now read each other’s answers and match the sentence halves. Ask students to underline the responses that catch their attention.
  3. Monitor throughout the activity.
  4. Now ask the students to swap the papers and check if their classmates matched the responses correctly.
  5. In the same pairs or groups of 3, now ask the students to explain in detail the underlined answers using the underlined expressions from the first column.
  6. Elicit some answers from the students and ask if any of their responses were identical to their partners’.

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