This is an activity for intermediate students to practise forming compound nouns. Students form compound nouns, complete the sentences with the missing words and answer another classmate’s questions.

Level: B1

Time: 45 minutes


  1. To combine different words to form compound nouns.
  2. To ask and answer questions containing the compound nouns in question.

Materials (Click on the worksheets below to download the PDF files):

  1. Word fusion Worksheet A or B, one per student.
  2. Word fusion Fast Finisher Worksheet, one per student.


  1. Elicit some common compound nouns from students and write them on the board e.g. jellyfish, board game, eyelid,
  2. Divide the class in half down the middle – one side As, the other side Bs – and hand out the worksheets accordingly.
  3. Individually, students combine the nouns from the table and complete the sentences 1-10 with the newly formed words.
  4. When the students have finished, they compare their answers with another classmate  from their group of As or Bs.
  5. Monitor and check their answers in their groups of A or B.
  6. When the students have finished, put the students into A / B pairs; in turns they ask and answer each other’s questions.
  7. Monitor and encourage students to use the nouns in their answers.
  8. At the end ask students to share three things they agree about with their partner.

Fast finishers: 

  1. Hand out the Word Fusion Fast Finisher Worksheet and in A / B pairs ask students to choose six compounds and complete the table.

P.S. Thank you for your help Stu. Get better soon.

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