These are two board game activities to answer funny questions using past simple and present perfect. The games can be used together, or separately, depending on the objectives of the lesson.

Level: B1 +


  1. To practise answering When was the last time you…? and Have you ever…? questions.
  2. To develop speaking fluency, whilst revising regular and irregular verbs.
  3. To draw students’ attention to the difference between past simple and present perfect if two games are played in the same lesson.


  1. 2 PDF Double Decker board games, one per pair or group of 3; a die per pair or group of 3.


  1. Put the students in pairs, or groups of 3, and give them a copy of one of the board games and a die. Aim to have two board games in use at the same time if you want to concentrate on explaining the differences between the tenses.
  2. Ask the students to look at the infinitives on their board games e.g. To hold a new born baby and in their groups ask them to change each verb into past simple and past participle e.g. to hold, held, held.
  3. Check as a class.
  4. Now players take it in turns to throw the die twice – the first throw indicates which column they should use, and the second throw indicates which row, to obtain the expression.
  5. The player must then ask their classmate a question using the expression on the given square e.g. When was the last time you held a newborn baby? Or Have you ever called someone by the wrong name? The other players answer the question and provide their partner, or other two group members, with as much detail as possible.
  6. The game continues in a circle going left.
  7. Swap the board games after sufficient time to allow two games to be played by each pair or group.
  8. At the end, ask the students to name some surprising and unexpected things they have learnt about their classmates.

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