This is a fun activity for intermediate students to practise some of the most common phrasal verbs. The students match the phrasal verbs to their definitions and do a speaking activity in which they answer questions beginning with “How do you…?”

Level: B1

Time: 45 minutes


  1. To familiarise students with some of the most common phrasal verbs in English.
  2. To match the phrasal verbs with their definitions.
  3. To answer How do you…? questions containing the new phrasal verbs.


  1. How do you… worksheet, one per student


  1. Give each student a How do you…? worksheet and individually ask students to underline the phrasal verbs in questions 1 to 10. Check as a class.
  2. Now ask the students to match the phrasal verbs they have underlined to their definitions a-j.
  3. Check answers as a class.
  4. Put students into groups of three or four and ask them to look at questions 1 to 10 again.
  5. Student 1 reads the question to the other student(s), who must try and come up with the most outrageous/ crazy/ surprising/ funny etc. answer. The student whose answer most appeals to Student 1, and who manages to correctly incorporate the phrasal verb from the question into the answer, gets a point. Players take it in turns, or continue left if in a group of three or four. The game continues until all the questions have been answered.
  6. The student with the highest number of points wins.

Fast finishers:

  1. Ask students to choose 3 phrasal verbs and write their own How do you…? questions and then ask their partner to answer them.

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P.S. Thank you Alex and Stu for being such great editors and playtesters.


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