This is a creative speaking activity inspired by a great book by Edward de Bono called “Creativity Workout”.


  1. To brainstorm vocabulary related to holiday and travelling.
  2. To build fluency by using vocabulary in a fun and entertaining way.


  1. One die per pair or small group.
  2. One set of cut up Holiday heaven and hell task cards per pair or small group.


  1. Draw a 6 x 6 grid on the board.
  2. Divide the class into teams, e.g. Three teams of 2.
  3. Start with the square in the top left hand corner and write any summer, holiday, or travel related word inside it, e.g. a tent.
  4. Each team has to quickly think of another summer, holiday, or travel related word that starts with the last letter of the previous word, e.g. tent > travel.
  5. The teams receive a point for each correct word. Discourage the use of dictionaries unless students run out of ideas.
  6. When the grid is complete, put students in pairs or small groups and handout one set of cut up task cards. Taking it in turns to pick a card, students obtain the words and complete the task.
  7. To obtain words for the speaking activity students throw the die twice: the first throw indicates which column they are going to use and the second indicates which row they are going to use. Depending on the task, they must roll for the number of words and use them repetitively to complete the activity.
  8. The tasks on the cards are just examples of activities that can be done with random words. They could be done in one session or you could choose a few to do as a warmer or plenary.

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