This is a needs analysis board game to do at the beginning of the course and to give both the teacher and the students an idea of what they already know and what they want to achieve in this course or academic year.

Level:  B2 +

Time: 35 minutes


  1. To determine students’ needs at the beginning of the course.


One Back to life, back to reality board game and one die per pair or a small group of 3.


  1. Print the board game and put students in pairs or small groups of 3.
  2. Players take it in turns to throw the die and move the numbers thrown.
  3. To obtain a question for the speaking activity students throw the die twice. The first throw indicates which column they are going to use and the second indicates which row they are going to use.
  4. All the players must answer the question in as much detail as possible.
  5. The game continues in a circle going left and until students have answered at least 5 questions.
  6. During the activity monitor very carefully and take notes.
  7. At the end, ask students (still in their groups) to write three things they had in common with their classmates, (e.g. they need English for their jobs, they want to improve their listening comprehension, etc.) and three differences, (e.g. they have learnt English in different countries, etc).

P.S. Thank you Alex.

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