This is an activity for B2 students to practise word formation. Students change words into nouns, create questions for a classmate and answer another classmate’s questions. The words for this exercise have been taken from the FCE exams (Reading and Use of English part 3) and they are examples of words my students tend to struggle with.

Level: B2

Time: 45 minutes


  1. To practise word formation.
  2. To create and answer questions.


  1. Worksheet A or B, one per student.


  1. Divide the class in half down the middle – one side As, the other side Bs – and hand out the worksheets accordingly.
  2. Individually, students use the words in the left-hand column to form nouns, e.g. to appear: appearance, brave: bravery.
  3. When the students have finished, they compare their answers with a partner from their group of As or Bs.
  4. Monitor and check their answers in their A or B groups.
  5. In their A or B pairs, students now write questions for their classmates using the nouns from the second column, e.g. Is physical appearance important to you?
  6. When the students have finished, put the students into A / B pairs; in turns they ask and answer each other’s questions.
  7. Monitor and encourage students to use the nouns from the second column in their answers.
  8. Ask students to share the most interesting questions they were asked by their partner.

Fast finishers: 

In A / B pairs, students underline the common noun suffixes, e.g. -ness, -ance, etc. and come up with more examples of nouns with the same suffixes.

Worksheet A and B

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