This is a puzzle I created using Free Discovery Education Puzzle Maker. The idea is to recycle some of the vocabulary students have used in Mirror mirror on the wall… (Previous post).

Level: B2+

Time: 20 minutes


  1. To recycle and revise vocabulary used to describe physical appearance by unscrambling the 12 jumbled words.
  2. To discuss a famous quote by Ovid.


Printable Mirror mirror on the wall…double puzzle, one per student.


  1. Hand each student a copy of the printable worksheet, Mirror mirror on the wall…double puzzle.
  2. Individually, the students must unscramble the 12 jumbled words and put the letters in the numbered boxes into the corresponding boxes at the bottom of the page to reveal a quote by Ovid.
  3. When the students have finished, they compare their answers and discuss the quote in pairs.

Solution: First appearance deceives many.

*** Ovid (43BC – AD 17), a Roman poet and scholar.

Mirror Mirror on the wall double puzzle

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