These are activities for intermediate students to review travel related phrasal verbs. Students write their own definitions of the phrasal verbs and answer related questions in pairs or groups.

Level: B1+

Time: 45 minutes


  1. To review travel related phrasal verbs.
  2. To provide definitions of the travel related phrasal verbs.
  3. To use the phrasal verbs in meaningful context whilst answering questions in pairs or small groups.


  1. Hit the road! Worksheet A, one per student.
  2. Hit the road! Worksheet B, one per pair or small group, cut up.


  1. Hand each student Hit the road! Worksheet A.
  2. Individually, students write their own definitions of the 15 phrasal verbs on the list.
  3. When the students have finished, they compare their answers with a partner.
  4. Check the answers and clarify meanings as a class.
  5. Hand each pair, or small group, a complete cut up set of questions from Hit the road! Worksheet B.
  6. In pairs or small groups, students discuss and answer the questions on each of the cards incorporating the phrasal verbs from the questions into their answers.
  7. Ask students to share the most interesting answers they have heard with the rest of the group.

Fast finishers:

Students briefly describe what they are going to do next time they go away for a few days, using as many of the phrasal verbs as possible. The student who manages to include all the verbs into their response wins, e.g. I will set off early to avoid traffic. I will book into a nice hotel by the beach, switch off my phone, kick back and relax.

Hit the road! Worksheet A

Hit the road! Worksheet B

P.S. Kick back and enjoy your holiday Alex.


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