This is a fun hypothetical game for upper intermediate students to introduce work related idioms and expressions. They become familiar with the expressions and their meanings before a speaking activity in which they answer questions that begin with “Would you rather…?” and justify their answers.

Level: B2+

Time: 45 minutes


  1. To familiarise students with work related idioms and expressions.
  2. To give students an opportunity to practise the new idioms and expressions in context.


  1. Bingo cards, one per student.
  2. Definitions sheet, one teacher copy.
  3. Decisions, decisions…! Cards. 12 cards printed and cut up, one set per pair / group of three.
  4. Fast finishers / homework worksheet, one per student.


Part 1: 

  1. Give every student a bingo card and give them some time to look at the work related idioms and expressions. Clarify meanings briefly as a class.
  2. Explain that there will be 4 rounds.
  3. Call out the definitions from the definitions sheet; students must match the definitions to the expressions on their cards and cross them out.
  4. When a student manages to cross out all the expressions in a line horizontally or vertically, they must shout ‘bingo’. If the student is incorrect they are disqualified from that round. If they are correct, they receive a point and the game begins again; continue until four rounds have been played.

Part 2: 

  1. Put students into pairs or groups of three.
  2. Hand each pair or group a set of “Decisions, decisions…! Cards”. 
  3. Player 1 chooses a card and reads the question to the other player(s), who must choose one of the two options and justify their choice. They cannot answer “both” or “neither”. Players take it in turns or continue left if in a group of three. The game continues until all the cards have been answered.
  4. Monitor to ensure understanding and encourage them to repeat the expressions on their answers to reinforce learning.

Fast finishers/ homework: 

  1. Hand out Fast finishers / homework worksheet and ask students to complete the exercises individually. Once students have finished, they compare their answers in their pairs or groups of three.

Bingo cards

Definitions sheet

Decisions, decisions…! Cards

Fast finishers_homework worksheet

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