This is an activity for intermediate + students to review some of the most common adjective prefixes. Students complete a worksheet in pairs, share their examples with other students and complete the sentences about themselves with adjectives of their choice.

Level: B1 +

Time: 45 minutes


  1. To familiarise students with some of the most common adjective prefixes.
  2. To complete sentences with students’ own choice of adjectives.
  3. To discuss the completed sentences with another classmate.


  1. Worksheet (one per student)


  1. Write the following adjectives on the board: social, honest, legal, probable, active, responsible, understood, real and developed. 
  2. In pairs ask students to change the adjectives above into antonyms.
  3. Correct as a whole class.
  4. Hand each student the PDF worksheet.
  5. Individually, students complete the first column in the table on page 1.
  6. In pairs, students compare their answers and complete the second column with examples they like from their partner. If repetition of answers means they can’t complete the second column, students are allowed to use dictionaries at this stage.
  7. Correct and provide feedback.
  8. Individually ask the students to complete the sentences on page 2.
  9. When the students have finished, ask them to switch their worksheets, read each other’s answers and circle 3 statements they agree with and 3 they disagree with.
  10. In their pairs, students explain their reasoning for agreeing or disagreeing with their partner’s opinions.

Word formation station. Get off without trepidation. Part 2_Worksheet

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