This is a fun Find Someone Who… with a twist activity to practise asking for opinions. It allows students to interact with 6 different classmates and discuss a variety of topics.


  1. To practise asking for opinion using the expressions given.
  2. To find out why students’ classmates agree or disagree with the statements given.
  3. To get other classmates’ opinions on all the statements on the worksheet.


  1. Hand out one worksheet to each student.
  2. Students must mingle with other students, asking about the statements on their lists.
  3. Students must ask a classmate their opinion on the given topic, using one of the expressions at the top of their worksheet. They must then complete the box with the name of that classmate and the reason why they agree or disagree with the statements given e.g.: Student A: I’d be very interested to hear your views on cutlery. Do you think it’s useless? Student B: Well, to be honest, I think it’s a complete waste of money and we should all use our fingers instead.
  4. Students are not to discuss more than two statements with each classmate.
  5. When the students have had a chance to ask everyone’s opinion, ask them to share the most interesting views with the rest of the class.


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