This is a fun competitive game I played in one of my intermediate business classes. Students who all work together in the same company had a chance to use business related vocabulary in a very practical context and had a lot of fun doing so.


  1. To introduce or revise business related vocabulary.
  2. To write true statements about students’ places of work and their colleagues.
  3. To practise question forms by asking other students questions about their place of work and their colleagues.


  1. Put students in pairs or small groups and give them three categories: departments, duties, and positions.
  2. Ask students to give examples for each category e.g. Department: accounting and finance; Duties: preparing financial statements; Position: accountant. I have pre-prepared a set of cards and you can ask students to add further as necessary, in order to personalise the activity.
  3. Go through the vocabulary as a class to ensure the students understand the language in context.
  4. Divide the class into between 2 – 4 teams depending on numbers.
  5. In their teams, the students produce 10 true statements about their place of work using the vocabulary from the previous exercise, e.g. The accountant has been off sick for the last week; The accounting and finance department is responsible for preparing financial statements, etc.
  6. When the students have finished, the game begins.
  7. The students on the first team must change each of their affirmative statements into a question for the other teams, e.g. What is the accounting and finance department responsible for?
  8. The first team member to raise their hand and correctly answer wins the point for their team.
  9. Once the first team has asked all ten questions, it’s the next team’s turn.
  10. The team with the highest number of points after all the questions have been asked wins.


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