This is a speaking activity which allows students to describe their favourite film in great detail.


  1. To describe a film using film related vocabulary


Printable worksheets (one per student), two dice


  1. Ask students to think of their favourite film.
  2. Put students in pairs or threes and hand each of them a copy of the printable worksheet. Go through the vocabulary around the edge of the questions as a class to ensure the students understand it and are confident in using it correctly.
  3. Students take it in turns to throw the dice and move to the square indicated on the dice e.g. if a student rolls a 2 and a 4, they move to question number 6.
  4. Students answer the question and incorporate the film related words around the outside of the board. If the student uses the word(s) correctly they can cross it / them out. Every time students answer the question they can cross out at least one word but no more than four words.
  5. The other students in the pair or group can ask questions to encourage the use of the language.
  6. The winner is the first student to cross out all the vocabulary on the board.


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